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Penis Filler Course

Penis Filler Course

Our Penis filler courses offer comprehensive online training techniques in applying pen fillers or “Hyaluron pens”. Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass provides theoretical and practical proficiency that will add and promote knowledge, skills and artistry in dermal aesthetics.

During this Hyaluron Penis training course, you will learn more about the benefits, procedures, and how you can make a business out of these pens. This Penis filler training course is open for everyone. Whether you are a licensed practitioner, a student, or a stay-home mom, this course is for you.

All our Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass training courses are conducted by a highly skilled and licensed cosmetic doctor. He is the leading provider of non-surgical cosmetic treatments in Melbourne, Australia. Backed by years of experience and a satisfied clientele, our cosmetic doctor is offering yet another training program that will widen your horizons in the aesthetics industry.

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What is it?

Our aesthetic training courses are full-packaged online programs enriched with theory and hands-on exercises for all levels. Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass aims for your cosmetic career and skills development.

Who is it for?

All doctors, dentists, nurses and other medical practitioners are welcome to join our aesthetic training courses. If you wish to boost your aesthetic medicine know-how, we have the right courses for you.

Where does it happen?

The foundation modules are tackled virtually for about 2 hours daily while the hands-on practical exercises are conducted in any of our clinics in Melbourne. Our weekend FAQ program is also done virtually.

How does it work?

You may sign up online by completing our forms and our course coordinators will call you for confirmation. You may also contact us at (03) 9999 7368 and we will save a seat for you on your preferred schedule.

When does it start?

Upon registration, you will receive your course schedule and your training starts then. Schedules for practical exercises will vary on the availability of live models and in consonance with regulations on lockdowns.

Why does it exist?

Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass training courses are designed to help students and professionals alike boost their knowledge, skills and mastery in aesthetic medicine. We aim to help you achieve the cosmetic goals of your clients.

How Our Courses can Benefit You

Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass aesthetic training courses are very informational and engaging. We ensure you that it will be worth your time and effort when you register with us.

Building up Your Foundation

Our training courses are tailored to widen your knowledge of aesthetic medicine including skin or facial anatomy, cosmetic conditions, product know-how, and other theories that may be useful in the furtherance of your career.

Learning the Techniques

We provide hands-on practical training modules that will allow you to observe how we do our treatments successfully. You will learn a wide array of treatment techniques that varies on the treatment and the needs of your patients.

Aesthetics Community

Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass believes in a community that thrives to help and boost one another’s career or business. After completing the training course, you can connect and collaborate with other aesthetic medicine practitioners in the community.

Expert Mentorship

We offer expert mentorship through our weekend FAQ program. This is open to all attendees who registered with Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass. And this is the perfect chance for you to get insights and advice from our experienced cosmetic doctor.

Years of Experience and a Satisfied Clientele

Over the years, we have built our reputation of proven professionalism and expertise in aesthetic medicine. Now, we are sharing our best practices to achieve what we have.
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Learning The Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass Way

We offer beginner to advanced masterclass levels that will suit your knowledge and skills. Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass aims to work with you and help you achieve your career goals.

Online and Practical Learning

Our training courses are designed to include both virtual and hands-on learning programs. Theories and practical exercises work hand in hand in achieving your career goals. As we aim to enrich your knowledge during online sessions, we will train you to provide the techniques that will gain the trust and confidence of clients.

Our Aesthetic Medicine Community

After completing our 6-week training courses, you will have the privilege to connect and collaborate with the biggest and leading names in the community. With the ever-growing aesthetic medicine community, you can learn, get advice, exchange insights, and cooperate with other professional cosmetic practitioners.

Expert Mentorship With Dr. Vihang

This is just one of the many perks that Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass offers our attendees. Experience one of a kind expert mentorship through our weekend FAQ program. This is the perfect opportunity to ask questions and get insights from our experienced cosmetic doctor. It is tailored to assist you in exploring the art and science of aesthetic medicine.

Here's a summary of everything you get

Pen Filler Course

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ To Pen Filler Course

A pen filler or Hyaluron pen is a German-based cosmetic breakthrough that boosts the appearance and texture of your ageing facial and body structures. It uses hyaluronic acid filler but without the need for needles.


Hyaluron pen offers volume and hydration to dull and lifeless facial structures such as the lips, cheeks, neck, forehead, jaws and hands. While classic dermal fillers use injections, this cosmetic innovation uses air pressure in delivering a realistic and natural look to its users.

In this procedure, the hyaluronic acid filler is infused in the Hyaluron pen. Using a pressure technology device, the hyaluronic acid is regenerated into nanoscale molecules. When this happens, the molecules are inserted into the epidermal tissues through air pressure.

Many people are wondering what makes hyaluronic acid amazing for the skin. Hyaluronic acid is a natural dermal filler substance derived from plants. And has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration or FDA as safe and effective for cosmetic treatments.


This gel-like substance works similarly to the naturally occurring chemical in the body called the polysaccharide. It helps in the reproduction and refurbishment of collagen and elastin in the underlying layers of the skin.


When hyaluronic acid fillers are administered to the skin, collagen and elastin are increased. Thus, making the treated area smooth, soft, and hydrated.

This type of dermal filler treatment was primarily used for lip augmentation like when you need pouty plumper lips. However, this cosmetic breakthrough was made available for many ageing conditions of the skin.


Here are the most prevalent skin conditions when pen fillers are most ideal to apply:

  • Nasolabial lines;
  • Marionette lines;
  • Minor nose deformities;
  • Chin fillers;
  • Cheek fillers;
  • Forehead lines treatment;
  • Glabella smoothening;
  • Tear trough fillers;
  • Combating jowls along the jawline;
  • Minor earlobes fill; and
  • Crow's feet treatment.

Just like any other aesthetics training course, a Hyaluron pen course includes foundation and practical simulation. Attendees will learn about the skin and facial anatomy, all about the Hyaluron pen, the dermal fillers procedure, its benefits, downtimes and recovery.

The price of this online training course varies depending on the needed modules or sessions for your current skillset. This learning course may also include a Hyaluron pen kit. Thus, we may add this to the cost of the training course.


In some cases, especially for beginners, the online training course may suggest other related knowledge and skills training module options. You may check out our different online training courses that are suitable for your needs.

The Hyaluron pen online training course kit includes the following:

  • The Hyaluron pen kin: Hyaluron pen, 1ml of HA dermal fillers, 5 ampoules and 1 vial of HydroLift;
  • Your training course electronic workbook;
  • 6 months online after support or consultation from Cosmetic Surgery Masterclass;
  • Certificate of completion for professional practice;
  • Free access to health and sanitation guidelines;
  • Access on the full video of the face and lip fillers procedures;
  • Dermal fillers application and mapping;
  • Professional Liability Insurance Information;
  • Clients Aftercare DOs and DON'Ts;
  • Intensive lip anatomy foundation; and
  • Free career or business tips and tricks.

Yes, after this quick online training course, your trainer will issue a certification to attendees who complete the online course. This will allow students to be certified in providing their artistry and skills in administering these pen fillers to themselves and future clients.

These lip fillers do not involve the use of needles in administering the treatment. However, it includes the use of a pressure technology device that may require proper training. Thus, it is highly recommended that you take this training course before using or applying the product to your lips, face or other parts of the body.

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This training course is open for beginners and professionals. For enquiries and other concerns, you may contact us via phone or email.


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