Live workshops are a crucial part of training to be a complete practitioner. For those who really are looking for 1st hand experience into becoming a 7 figure cosmetic practitioner, our programs offer training that is geared towards mastering the art of cosmetic injectables. In your training you will have access to 20 sessions with our injectors over 8 days through out the year.

The training sessions are a boutique learning environment without a crowded room full of practitioners.

It is perfect time to augment and perfect your injectable skills as well as hone in your consultation / aesthetic assessment abilities.

At the end of these sessions you will be able to:

Rapidly improve your technique with tips and feedback from your mentor, focused on your particular strengths and learning needs.

Learn a whole range of advance skills and perform them on patients to cement online / digital concepts learnt through our powerful e-learning platforms.

Covering the botox and dermal filler treatments in their entirety. There is no stone left unturned in our fellowship programs.

Acclimatise your treatment skill set to all ethnicities and deal with complications / unrealistic patient expectation scenarios.

Be inspired to perform complex treatments and deliver world class outcomes to your patient base. With our injectors you will be exposed to their expert level procedural and consulting skill level. We only pick the best to teach you.

Perform the full treatment of a live patient, including consultation, treatment planning, injecting, aftercare and post-treatment advice.